Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign O'er Me

Ian Harrington has a secret…

Son of a wealthy, successful, and famous British designer, Ian was born into the world of the rich and shameless. He blames himself, and his father, for his mother’s death, and has run far away to start a new life. Beautifully blond, musically talented, but emotionally troubled, he hides his pain behind pale blue eyes and drinks to numb the guilt that has followed him across the ocean. When he meets Sarah, the fiery-haired singer with all the connections to make their dreams come true, will the burdens of his past destroy their love and everything they ever wanted?

Behind Blue Eyes is a four-part series following a young musician’s turbulent life as he makes his rock and roll dreams come true in a city far from where he grew up. Equal parts family saga, love story, and rock and roll circus, this first novel will take you back to the late 70s in Toronto for a dramatic roller-coaster ride through the world of music.

Inspired by the Pete Townshend song made famous by The Who, the series is at once a nostalgic love letter to the author’s hometown and to the music she listened to while growing up there.

Praise for Behind Blue Eyes: Love Reign o’er Me

  • “Sensual, captivating and passionate, a thoroughly addictive and enjoyable rock n’ roll novel.” —Cheryl Stringall, Managing Director, sunn creative
  • “Anne-Marie Klein’s Behind Blue Eyes novels are compulsive page turners. The characters live with a vitality that leaps off the page. The dialogue is pacey and vivid, the relationships are rich and often racey, and you can’t help the emotions you feel as you follow Ian on his journey to find his own place in the world. Getting involved in these books and these characters is inevitable. I loved them.” —Valerie Poore, author, The Skipper’s Child
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