Behind Blue Eyes: Let My Love Open the Door

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Ian Harrington is about to meet his match…

It’s 1986. Ian Harrington is living the good life in Toronto: he is the lead singer of Something Else and is raising his six-year old daughter, Victoria. His life is busy and creatively satisfying, but he has not been able to hold a romantic relationship since Sarah. A chance encounter with a former flame offers the possibility of lasting love, but the liaison is fraught with conflicts and challenges both new and echoed. By following his heart, Ian risks having his world turned upside down. Standing still threatens far more…

Behind Blue Eyes is a four-part series following a young musician’s turbulent life as he makes his rock and roll dreams come true in a city far from where he grew up. Equal parts family saga, love story, and rock and roll circus, this third novel will take you back to the mid-80s in Toronto for a dramatic roller-coaster ride through the world of music.

Inspired by the Pete Townshend song made famous by The Who, the series is at once a nostalgic love letter to the author’s hometown and to the music she listened to while growing up there.

Praise for the Behind Blue Eyes Series

  • Growing up in Toronto, Ms. Klein takes us on a weaving journey back to our youth. Music and landmarks become vividly clear, bringing them all back to life. A highly recommended read for anyone who enjoys music, or just escaping into a great read. —Paul Lucchetta, Who fan and Torontonian
  • The first two books were wild rides filled with euphoric highs and startling crashes. If you love rock and roll, city life, and great character-driven stories, this is a must-read series that you won’t be able to put down. —Rob Christensen, Songwriter-Musician, Saturday’s Radio
  • Just when you think you know where the story is headed, Anne-Marie Klein completely surprises you and the story becomes more than you could have imagined. The musical theme drew me in, and Klein’s writing keeps me coming back for more. —Alex Cartwright, award-winning country music artist
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