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Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson Podcast

In July, I was kindly invited by Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson to be a guest on their podcast. These two lovely ladies are best-selling authors, and their podcasts can be found at the link below. We discussed my rock fiction series, the need for research and accuracy in historical fiction, and the exciting changes in indie music and fiction. I also read an excerpt from Love Reign o’ver Me, the first book in the series. Through it all, we managed to laugh endlessly. Have a listen!

The Melissa Craig and Charity Parkerson Podcasts

Episode 68 with Anne-Marie Klein


Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books

Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books is an entertaining and informative podcast that can be found on Stitcher Radio, starring Mark Rice, author of the fantastic heavy metal fiction book Metallic Dreams, and The Book Connection’s digital director Deena Harrison Schoenfeldt. Every week, Mark and Deena bring their listeners interesting interviews with authors and other knowledgeable guests from the publishing industry. There are always helpful bits of advice and discussions of relevance to authors and readers alike. This weekend, I was their guest: we talked about the links between music and literature, including an important discussion about copyright laws involving song lyrics in books. We also spoke about the need for proper research for authors wanting to publish historical fiction. It was a musical and book geekfest for Mark and I, as we share a common love of all things rock and are both trying to make rock or music fiction a viable and recognisable commercial genre.


Enjoy Episode 13: Rocktober and Roll.


Teenage Wasteland: Who Cloudcast

If you’re a Who fan like me, you should be listening to Barry Ratcliffe’s amazing podcasts. He has 11 episodes released so far, and they are filled with incredible selections of The Who’s music, with official releases, live versions, and wonderful insights, interviews, and commentary. You can find the podcasts on the WhoCloudcast Facebook page or directly on the MixCloud page. We know and love Barry as @TheWhoSeeker on Twitter. Long live rock!